Our Imam
Shaykh Daud Dlongolo
Shaykh Daud Dlongolo is of South African origin, and moved to Australia in 2014. Completed his Hifz at the age of 18 after high school. Went to Madinah to study Arabic. He obtained his BA degree in theology in South Africa.
In his early twenties, he was appointed as an Imam and began his journey as an Imam and Da’ee. He established a Hifz school in Port Elizabeth South Africa and many students graduated under him. Moreover, he has also taught the science of Hadith and Quran exegesis in South Africa.
In 2014 he migrated to Australia as a minister of religion and served as an Imam in Northern Territory for two years. Later, he relocated to Melbourne as an Imam and Islamic school teacher.
Currently, he has founded Al-Itqan Academy in Narre Warren, where he is running an Islamic educational and community centre for the local people. He is also offering professional counselling combined with Islamic therapy to the public.